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Dear Customers,This is KIM, DONG WOO, CEO of OKPOS.
OKPOS, founded in 1993 as a credit card related information technology business,
had taken a leap into professional POS business from 1995 and since then has grown into a POS
hardware sales and POS solution supplier with the leading brand OKPOS.

Currently, we are offering an all-in-one package of POS system including hardware, solution, maintenance and repair service by establishing our own R&D Center, Call Center, AS Service Center and directly managed maintenance and repair service.

We, OKPOS Co. Ltd., has been putting our best efforts into enhancing after- sales service management, such as consulting support, POS system installation, user training and on-site service, not only supplying hardware and solutions. Also, we are concentrating of all our capacities on developing customer-oriented tailored solutions and offering fast and accurate maintenance and repair service.

We endeavor to evolve into No. 1 integrated POS business, a young venture business offering an optimal all-in-one package of POS system, Solution and Service. In order to achieve it, we will make our best effort to continuously develop related technology and obtaining knowledge, preparing a service organization and management system to actively correspond to the voices of customers and cultivating creative strategies and thoughts.

We wish you would support and be always with us when we endeavor to be the best business and make every single effort to gain wholehearted trust from customers.

Thank you!